FIFA Autobuyer / FIFA Autobidder

FIFA Autobuyer / FIFA Autobidder

If  you’re looking to make a huge amount of FIFAcoins then you’ll be naturally interested in picking up a FIFA Autobidder/ FIFA Autobuyer so that you can play with the best players in FIFA.

This website contains a fair overview of the best FIFA Autobuyer & Audibidder combined and you can check that out on the link below.

What is an autobuyer or bidder?

An autobidder/buyer is a piece of software that runs on your computer and will both bid and buyout ultimate team players. 

Why use a FIFA Autobuyer/Bidder

People use Fifa Autobuyers and bidders in order to make ultimate team coins while they aren’t playing the game. Doing this allows them to everytime they log in have a load more coins which they can use to create an even better team or buy a super expensive card.

How Does a Fifa Autobuyer/Bidder Work?

Step 1: The software will either use player cards that you have identified or it will identify it’s own cards to trade with.

Step 2:  The software will scan the market to identify the average price of the cards it wants to trade with.

Step 3: The card will then autobid and instant buy cards that are about to sell below the average price that was identified earlier – one of the greatest benefits of the software is that it is constantly updating the price so it wont buy any players above market value.

Step 4: The software will relist the players at an above average price and it will continue to list them until they sell.

Step 5: You the user will pocket the profit that the software has made while it’s been running.

Step 6: Either use your coins to buy the best players for your squad, to complete SBCs or you can even sell your coins for a profit.

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